Maggie's Days


Cupcake Destruction - Birthday #1

Nearly 100 awesome cupcakes by Grandma Stewart.
Here we go...
Icing feels cool between your fingers.
And then it was gone...kinda.

Then and Now

Jen, Maggie, Megan, and Andrew in April 2006 and January 2007.

Maggie's First Birthday Party

People came over all day long, probably 60 in total. It looks like there's hardly anyone there but they're all in the kitchen.


Walk Walk Walk

Brace yourselves America... I'm a walker!
And I feel pretty good about it!
And Pop, Gram, and Aunt Hol all are my witnesses.
The pic doesn't tell the story, but it was snowing good!
Playing dangerously.


Before and After, Part 2 (Read part 1 first or you'll ruin all the fun!)

Notice anything different?
Here's a hint, you can't see it in this picture.
There you go.
And I'm happy about it!

Before and After, Part 1

Take a good look
Now look at part 2 above.

At the zoo-eww