Maggie's Days


Thanksgiving 1

Playin' on the plane
Watching the rabbits at the hotel
no comment
Ready to feast

Thanksgiving 2

With Uncle Chris
Uncle Rich and Chris and Mom
Maggie is fascinated with Chris
Rich's dental exam
Maggie thinks they look good, nice and white
Now she smiles...

Thanksgiving 3

Gnawing on the chair
Back home and clapping
On Oma's lap and clapping
Takin' a breather after scootin' around the house



Great Weather Weekend

Kisses for Mommy
Kisses for Maggie
Eating my first leaf
All the girls lookin' pretty



Gettin' ready to go for a walk before bed.
I love Cheerios.
Sometimes they get stuck to my face.
I should be in their commercials.


Read and Sleep

Since I pull up on everything, getting to sleep has been a challenge. I want to stand in my crib when I should be sleeping so I stand and cry and then sit and cry and finally fall forward asleep. My legs stay folded underneath me.
Here's a better view.
Gettin' in the Christmas spirits a few days... or months early with Grandma.


9 Months Old, last week.

The Smurf impression
A 'look'
Bow-hunting skills, numb chuck skills, computer hacking skills...
hmmm, is that a camera?
The afternoon nap/eating the mobile.
Grandmas, Grandpas, Omas, Obans, Opas...Ole!'s a party.



Hangin' with the big boys
Tailgate trick-or-treating with Grandma and Grandpa
Roaming pumpkin


Touring the house
Looking for my furry friend
There she is.