Maggie's Days


My Big Family

With Uncle Rich

And Cousin Patrick
And Aunt Kathy
And lots of Griffins, Thomases, and Stewarts

And Griffins

I'm Back

Hangin' out in the Gymini from Kev and Jenn
Lookin' good.
Weekend trip to the sculpture garden


More Friends

Cristina, Lauren, and Jason
Kim, Mark, Olivia, and Sophie

Grandma and Grandpa visit


Today's Fun

Surfin' the net w/ Daddy.
Tryin' on new digs from Heather in Chi-town.

And in living color.


Valentine's Day

And a pic from the weekend, we watched some hoops.


A Couple More Cuties

So Many Friends

Danny and Ann
Tonya, Lee, and Sophie
Pam and James
Maria, Quincy, and Kathy



The Life.
That's Cramer back there.
Daryl, Jean, and Daniel come visit.
Ready for bed.

Hanging Out With Daddy

What does this do?
Appetizer on Daddy's nose.
Amazing neck strength.
Watchin' Daddy watch Cramer.
Naked and Happy.

Recent Activity

Hangin' out with the grandparents.

Eskimo kisses.
Enjoying a grape popsicle.
Is she sleeeeping?
Jimmy and Janie visit and Janie volunteers to do some diaper changing:)

In the Studio


Beginning Week 2

My real face.
1 week's worth of newborn waste and there's more!
Grandpa comes back to town!
True Love.
Heather and Lilly meet Maggie.