Maggie's Days


Maggie the Aggie


ACL Fest and More

ACL Fest
Listening to Thievery Corporation and people watching
Oh yeah, I'm pulling up now, and falling over.
Enjoying some Gomez
Modeling my Hawaiian dress from Uncle Rich
pineapple, mmmm.


Cancun 6: Some Scenery

Cancun 5: A Dinner Adventure

To the bus stop we go. Hi Ho.
Bus ride fun.
Welcome to Lorenzillo's.
You can't imagine how many pieces of bread can be made from one roll!

Cancun 4

Mornings are generally filled with Baby Wisenstein and scattering toys.
The fam.
I'm telling you, this is a rough life!
Sailor girl.

mmmm pineapple!

Cancun 3: I Could Do This Full Time

My private cabana, members only!
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, beach life is exhausting!

They think I'm a local around here.
Especially the way I put down the tequila!

Cancun2: Getting Used To This Life

It's sooo bright out here!

Cancun Day 1: The Plane and The Sea

Something just my size!
Ready for the beach!
Not sure what to think of all this splashing salt water.
Definitely something just my size, fit for a queen!
Finally a vacation!