Maggie's Days



My good friends Megan and Andrew who I wish would not move away!
Off to Grandma's house I go.


I'm 2 months today!!


Sorry for the Delay

Tryin' out the new robe after my bath.
Hi Dad.
Snoozin' with Mom at the river.

Just out of the tub.I'm gonna look like Mom


More Adventures

Hittin' the town with Mommy
Staring into space
Chillin' with my Big sister
Happy in my swing

The Chameleon

I can go from this...
To a bunch of this...To a couple of these...
To a moment of this...

To this, in under a minute!


5 Weeks Old

In my jungle suit that Chris Z gave me, everyone complimented me.
Sleepin' in the big bed.


New Things

Me and my friend Lexy
Holding hands
2 fistfuls of Daddy's chest hairs...funny, funny.


Other Shower Sites

My friend Riley's krazy mom
Yeah, I'm just visiting and have to go back home tomorrow. You wanna show me this great town of yours?

My Shower

Center of Attention
The Shower
First Trip to 6th Street
How I looked most of my shower
On the way to the shower, it's Mardi Gras too if you look close.